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Launch Week In Numbers: Conclusions

With the launch week of Altum Fashion behind us, now is the perfect time to look at the results of the campaign!

Although no orders were placed, we were able to reach a relatively impressive audience of 122.888, of which 658 clicked through to the website. The fact that no orders were placed is definitely not the best news, but it was to be expected. As most of us know, potential customers go through a process before actually placing an order. Having reached this large group of people, however, will push us a good amount of the way in the right direction. For now, quite some people know we even exist!

As we can see here, the most people were reached through SEA via Google. SEA doesn't stick around too well in the minds of customers however, so we'll be focussing more on the YouTube ads from this point on. We will also expand to TikTok advertisements, as we feel that we've missed quite a substantial chance to be viewed by our potential customers in cross-channel content.

Just like before, Google SEA has a firm grip on the first place when it comes to the raw numbers. As with the reach however, the second place draws our attention more. A surprising amount of people clicked on our content on Meta's platforms, and as such, Meta Ads might prove to be one of the more cost-effective means of marketing.

This last graph largely confirms this suspicion. Although the difference is marginal, Meta Ads is clearly a more cost-effective means of marketing for our brand.

In summary, while we might not have made any conversions like we had hoped, the marketing strategy is working surprisingly effectively. We're hopeful that we can see a small amount of orders trickle in over the coming month or two, and we will be planning a new, more specifically targeting campaign for the near future.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to send us a message.


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